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1. DESMOKE SERIES Introduction

      1. Desmoke ® is the proprietary brand  by Taeyoung M&F Co.

     2. Well proven technology in chemical filter development and manufacturing

     3. Optimized for Tar destruction and smoke dissemination prevention

     4. Design for heavy metal, carcinogen removal filter - DNA Filter, Direct Plasma Ionizer, etc

     5. The best safety and user friendly design - Phase 3 safety devices  and PIR Sensor





2. DESMOKE TY-3000 Advantages

     Ceiling installed high efficiency ventilation system
     Rapid wide cleaning effect with 2 way discharging circulation system

     Electrical stability with docking type filter tray

     Using the remote control easy to operate fully automatic 3 stage adjustable airflow

     Low noise level - 60dB Max
     Low power consumption - 170 W Max

     Motion sensors
     HPS Catalyst Ⅰ - General indoor
     HPS Catalyst Ⅱ - Smoking room 





3. Specifications


TypeCeiling Landfills Type
Power consumption110W Max
efficiencyHigher than 98% ( DOP test, Higher than 0.3μm)
How to operateMotion sensor  auto/manual mode
Wind change3 steps (Auto/manual)
Noise38dB MAX
House sizeW857×D390×H530















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Electrostatic Precipitator DESMOKE T-3000